Selasa, 24 Maret 2009

Minahasan People: One Of The Lost Tribes of Jews?

Written by: Iswan Sual

Many speculations appears when dealing with where Minahasan came from. So far, we only rely on the legend of "Toar and Lumimuut". It's a mith only. Unfortunately, the version varied from person to person. Some personal sources say that Minahasan originated from Japan. But some say that these people originated from Phillipines. It's still unclear until today.
Many people tend to speculate about this. Even, there are some people say that maybe Minahasan is one of the lost tribes of Jews. That's quite interesting though.
Talking about Minahasan is pretty awkward. Long time ago these people lived among other sultanese like Ternate, Sangir, Bolmong, etc. But it's interesting to say that Minahasan had not their own royalty or something like that. No king. The system was democratic. It's awesome. But of course they had leader in every village (walak). These leader couldn't dominate. They were chosen by people. And the leaders had no absolute power to the people.
Minahasan people were so different from other cummunities like Mongondow, Sangir, and Ternate who lived not so far from where Minahasan people lived. Mongondow, Sangir, and Ternate were led by kings or sultan.
I always question why these people had a different way of life. They were very different.

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iyo hele qt dari dulu batanya kiapa e torang orang minahasa pe bedah sekali deng torang pe suku2 tetangga